Our Projects

H-PAN Football Club

H-PAN Football Club is a massive initiative born out of the objective to convert the general love of the beautiful game into an opportunity for talented footballers to showcase their talents. H-PAN FC has been created for male footballers from ages 16 to 25. The overall goal of the football club is to provide regular training sessions, with a view to improving the fitness and technical abilities of players. Players deemed to have improved numerably or exhibiting enough potential are then linked with numerous clubs around the world. For more information on this project, kindly visit the club’s website.

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H-PAN Creative

H-PAN Creative is a project created with the objective of providing a platform for creative talents to perfect or harness their natural talents and to further develop their creative skills. Areas of operations under H-PAN Creative include H-PAN Music Studio, Graphic Design Services, H-PAN Video Production, Events and Creative Media. Volunteers therefore have the fantastic opportunity of developing themselves further in these areas. As well as working on internal projects, Volunteers would be opportuned to work on real-life projects with paying clients. For further information on this project, kindly visit,

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H-PAN Food bank

H-PAN currently runs its food-bank programme every Thursday from 6pm till 7pm. The purpose of this is to reach as many people as possible with Food and Food items, Clothing and Words of encouragement. This represents an arm of H-PAN that directly seeks to fight lack and poverty and raise an awareness as to need to help those who may be Homeless, without shelter and sometimes without food. We rely on your support to keep this project running. Check out the video below.

Upcoming projects

H-PAN Consult

H-PAN Soccer Academy

H-PAN Consult is a Small Business Consultancy made up of some of the best minds, and some of the most experienced professionals in the UK. This project has been formed with the primary purpose of providing Consultancy services to Individuals, Business Start-ups and Small and Medium Businesses (SMB's) in the United Kingdom.

H-PAN Consult is an initiative which is not only projected to empower individuals and small businesses but is also designed to help propel the economy. H-PAN Consult focuses on two main areas; Business Advisory Services and Small Business Accountancy. For more information, please visit www.hpanconsult.co.uk.

H-PAN Soccer Academy is a project borne out of the desire to expose teenagers and talented kids to the huge opportunity the beautiful game offers. H-PAN Soccer Academy also places strong emphasis on students' Personal Development and Academic Progression and is suitable for kids aged 13 to 16. For more information or for enquiries, please visit www.hpanfootballacademy.co.uk (coming soon)

We are grateful to everyone that has played a part in this relaunch