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Who We are

H-PAN stands for Hope For The Poor And Needy and is a Charity organization formed in 2010 and with a strong commitment to the relief of poverty and suffering around the world. We are driven by our believe that everyone regardless of their background and/or circumstances should have the opportunities and the right environment to harness their skills and talents and we strive to provide the platforms for these.

Our platforms consist of various projects with diverse opportunities and dynamics. These platforms are created with a main focus on delivering on our main mandate and empowering disadvantaged individuals, communities and organizations in the United Kingdom and beyond. Most importantly, we like to think that

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H-PAN is committed to making a far-reaching impact in the society. We are a Charity organization strongly committed to providing disadvantaged individuals, communities and minority groups with more opportunities, and as much as we can, to provide the room for them to fulfil their potential. In order to successfully do this, we seek to work with numerous organizations who provide us with support in various ways. We remain proud of what we have done in the past but we are even more excited by the possibilities for the future. In summary;

Our Projects.

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Where We Are

One of H-PAN’s goals is to operate from numerous locations across the world. We are currently making inroads into Zambia and India with operations set to kick off shortly in the countries mentioned. Within the United Kingdom however, our head office is situated in Manchester while we also have a base in Sheffield.

We remain open to individuals or organizations who may be keen to partner with us in our continued expansion across the world.

United Kingdom

We are grateful to everyone that has played a part in this relaunch